El Tango De Roxanne

Feb. 09, 2012

I just wanted to share this video I found on youtube. It`s very well done and I love it! Cannot wait until season 5 of True Blood coming this year :D

The story-line to the video goes like this:

Feliciano`s voice ---Bill`s
Ewan`s voice ---Eric`s

Bill & Sookie are dating, but her job (selling her body to the night) becomes a problem when Bill, a greedy one, accepts the offer from his boss to spend a night with her (getting Bill a lot of money, of course). Nevertheless Eric & Sookie enjoy too much their night together and so they decide to meet again. Bill keeps getting his money, so he lets them do whatever they want. But at some point, the more they meet, the more jealous he gets. He tries to break the deal, but they just won`t listen, because Eric is falling in love with her, and Sookie... well, she`s starting to feel something as well. So Bill asks Sookie to marry him (this way she`d be his wife and shall be faithful to him), but she refuses the proposal because she`s not sure about taking that step and besides, she likes her life just the way it is. Coming to this, Bill goes to threaten his boss; either he leaves Sookie alone, or he (Bill) will turn her into a vampire (this way he`d be her maker and would have control over her forever and ever). But Eric doesn`t take the ultimatum too seriously, and keeps meeting Sookie. Of course, sooner better than later, he regrets that decision when Bill makes his final move.